Ultra-Roomy Knee Highs 80 Denier

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The roomiest knee highs in our range. Designed to fit very large or swollen legs, they’re ideal if you have oedema (fluid retention) or lymphoedema. Made from a soft, high-quality knit, they’re exceptionally comfy and very stretchy so you’ll find them easier to put on. A pleasure to wear all day, they won’t sag or fall down thanks to the comfort band that holds them gently but firmly in place.

-Manufactured on a specially made machine to achieve extra width and stretch in both the foot and the calf of the product.
-Extra wide fit with a lateral stretch of up to 80cm.
-Made with elastane for superior fit.
-Comfort top with a soft, smooth and luxurious finish.
-Reinforced toe.
-Multifilament yarn for improved comfort and fit.
-One size fits all shoe sizes
-Pack of 3 pairs of 1 colour
-Available in Black and Natural. SKU – URE

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