Catering disinfectant for the Workplace


Our catering and kitchen disinfectant and sanitisers are based on advanced sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) or Troclosene Sodium. They are used throughout the world by the catering industry to reduce food waste and provide an effective and safe method to sanitise fresh produce.  In addition, they also comply with government food hygiene regulations such as UK Food Standards Agency HACCP.


  • Food preparation, processing and distribution businesses
  • Institutional caterers
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Retail food outlets and street food vendors




Chlorine based catering disinfectants provide effective cleaning and sanitisation of all surfaces, equipment and machinery used in food preparation and catering to maintain environmental hygiene, cleanliness of premises, reduce cross contamination risks and the risk of illness. Included in the range of infection control products are certified waste control bags, spill kits and workplace clothing.  The tablet based sanitiser can be diluted with water to provide a fresh and active sanitising liquid in wipe or spray format.


  • Kills Harmful Bacteria – including Salmonella, Ecoli and Listeria
  • Versatile – Can be used on Floors, Walls, Tiles, Cutlery, Crockery, Glassware
  • Reduces food spoilage – by prolonging food shelf life
  • Non Tainting – does not adversely affect the appearance of the produce
  • Economic – Accurate and Easy measurements and 30% Average cost saving to customer’s vs competitors
  • Meets HACCP Guidelines. –Which require that all raw fruits and vegetable are thoroughly washed with suitable sanitisers before preparation.



SoChlor™ TAB soluble chlorine disinfectant tablets are effective for catering disinfection and sanitisation of fresh produce such as non-peelable fruit, salads and vegetables.  Similarly when used at the recommended dilution levels SoChlor™ TAB reduces the number of pathogens on fresh produce to safe levels.  In addition it can also prolong shelf life and reduce food waste.


SoChlor TAB l SoChlor DST l SoChlor Clean up Kits 


SoChlor provides the highest efficacy and performance for surface and environmental disinfection. With a class leading low odour chlorine based formulation and unique residue prevention technology. SoChlor solutions can be combined with our wet wipe system to create one of the highest efficacy wet wipes on the market.


Sochlor disinfection tablet                    Detergent sanitiser tablet
Standard Disinfectant and Disinfectant+Detergent Tablets


Sochlor disinfection tablets are fully effective against Coronavirus/COVID-19 and EN14476 certified. Developed for deep clean, environmental and surface decontamination of large areas. For healthcare, commercial and public areas.

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