Men’s Shock‑absorbing CosyCushion™ Insoles

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Every time you take a step, a shock wave travels through your feet, legs, spine and neck. These insoles are made from CosyCushion™, a special shock-absorbing material which reduces impact on your feet and legs and helps prevents ‘step-shock’. It’s like having millions of tiny springs beneath your feet making walking more comfortable. They’re only 3mm thick so fit into most shoes and slippers and have the added benefit of being antibacterial to keep your feet and footwear smelling fresh.

CosyCushion™ gives you consistent, long-lasting cushioning comfort in a material that feels just right from the first use through the life of your product. A lightweight, flexible material that provides the perfect amount of softness with added energy return to help cushion joints and soft tissue, CosyCushion™ delivers the very best in performance cushioning.  Suitable for back pain. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and soapy water.

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