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The extreme adaptability and elasticity of this gel cushion from SYSTAM makes it feel and act like a second skin; it continually ensures the perfect moulding of the contours in the sacrum area whilst at the same time helping to eliminate friction.

For those at moderate/ medium risk of pressure sores
Never digs into the skin
Eliminates friction, and potential damage it can cause to the skin
At a depth of 2.5cm (1″) it will not impact on seat height too greatly
Complete with an outer cover featuring an anti-slip base. Breathable, yet liquid proof.
Although the cover features a handle this is to aid adjusting it’s position on a seat rather than to use for carrying the cushion; due to the weight of the gel cushion it is advisable to carry it by holding underneath the cushion.
Maximum user weight:
CUSH320 (40 x 40cm)= 120kg/ 18 stone 12lbs.
CUSH321 (45 x 43cm) = 140kg/ 22 stone SKU – CUSH320

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