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Duoform is an innovative cushion, with a multi-bearing surface made from high density foam and gels

For those at moderate to high risk of pressure sores, the viscoelastic fluid gel (white gel pad) ensures maximum reduction of pressures on sensitive areas
The regular gel (blue gel pad) redistributes pressure to less risky areas
Anatomical shaped foam, moulded with the gels, increases the contact surface and maximises pressure reduction

The cushion’s shape also provides greater stability, comfort, and prevents sliding forward when seated, overall improving positioning
Cushion cover included; features an anti-slip base to avoid unintentional cushion movement. The cover is breathable yet impermeable to liquids so ia suitable for all users including those with incontinence

Two versions available- standard or soft:
1. Standard version consisting of blue coloured foam suited to those weighing over 70kg/ 11 stone, or requiring a firmer seating for comfort
2. Soft version consisting of white coloured foam and is particularly suited to those weighing under 70kg/ 11 stone, or requiring a softer seating for comfort.

Maximum user weights:-
Soft 42 x 42cm= 70kg/ 11 stone.
Std Med 42 x 42cm= 110kg/ 17 stone 4lbs
Std Lge 45 x 42cm= 120kg/ 18 stone 12 lbs SKU – CUSH315/6/7

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Weight 1 kg

Soft Large, Soft Medium, Standard


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