Bidet Seat with Remote Control

  • Model: 7035
Uspa Bidet Seat with remote control can be fitted easily to existing toilet pan, providing a perfectly gentle yet effective cleansing solution using a warm water spray. A Uspa bidet seat is an ideal solution for those who may experience some difficulty with personal hygiene, or those simply seeking added luxury for the home.
- Easy installation using standard pan fixing points
- Soft close anti-bacterial seat for enhanced hygiene
- Heated seat with three temperature settings
- Continous water heating for instant warm water that won't run out during cleaning
- Adjustable water temperature with aerated spray and variable jet settings
- Personal spray head positioning for both posterior and feminine settings
- Automatic spray head cleansing before and after use
- Deodoriser to prevent any unpleasant smells
- Touch activated on/off sensor
- Automatic shut down for energy saving
- Remote control for convenient positioning or for use by a carer from outside the bathroom

Lead time 5- 7 days.
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€850.00 (Incl. VAT)