Sucup Care Cup

  • Model: PR65674
SucupCare allows users, of any age or ability, to eat semi-solid or partly liquidised foods cleanly, easily and independently. It is the perfect solution for those who experience difficulty eating using traditional methods. The vacuum-assisted cup is used by either lightly pressing, or sucking, on the straw. SucupCare offers the choice of when and where to eat and also allows the user to relax and eat at their own pace. The special large diameter straws can be disposed of after each use or, if the SucupCare is for personal use only, can be washed in warm water and sterilised in a proprietary solution. The many advantages include: - Promotes independence and dignity- allows the user full control - Clean delivers food directly into the mouth - Hygienic and easy to use very little effort required - Time-saving enabling Carers to meet other needs - Cost-effective uses home-prepared or ready-made food- the vacuum feature ensures that no food is wasted
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