Memory Foam Mattress 2ft 6"

  • Model: MATMF26
These 2'6' memory foam mattresses offer the ultimate solution to a range of issues that can sometimes disturb your sleep. Memory foam is constructed with a unique open-cell feature that responds to body heat as well as body weight and moulds around the natural contours of your body. It is by far the most sought after material for relieving pressure points around the body. These memory foam mattresses provide a host of orthopaedic benefits including the prevention of pressure sores. This particular memory foam mattress is constructed with 7cm of memory foam bonded onto a 15cm reflex foam base ensuring a remarkable improvement in your comfort and quality of sleep.


Unique open-cell feature.

Responds to body heat and weight.

Orthopaedic benefits.

Relieves pressure points.

Firmness rating: Firm.
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€575.00 (Incl. VAT)