Shower & Toilet Chair Lagoon Green

  • Model: PR45025/4HA
The Clean shower and hygiene chair is for environments where infection-control is of prime importance. It features a unique single steel tube design which does not rust. The plastic parts on the Clean are strong, light, smooth and easy clean, hence the name. (Its leather like surface creates good friction when wet or dry.) Sideways transfers are not a problem as the whole arm can be attached and detached easily from the chair. It has ergonomically-shape ended armrests, comfortable to hold on to and offer good grip to the users. The wheels are made of solid plastic, with easy to push down brakes for security. The footplate, which is fitted as standard will protect your feet from the wheels. The foot plate can easily be pushed under the seat when not required. Thanks to the upright operating handle, the chair is a perfect fit, even over wall-mounted toilets.
Max user weight: 130kg.
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€840.00 (Incl. VAT)