Exerfeet Toe Stretcher

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Ideal for toe pain, overlapping toes, bunions & tired foot muscles

Stretch away your foot aches and pains with this soft, flexible toe stretcher. Its ideal for toe pain, overlapping toes, bunions and forefoot pain. Plus it helps relieve tension and improve circulation. Its also great when toes and foot muscles feel tight and tired. Simply wear the soft, flexible Exerfeet for as little as 5 minutes to stretch and restore foot health.

- Provides healthy stretch for toes
- Massages and comforts sore feet
- Helps straighten and realign toes
- Helps to restore flexibility and circulation
- May alleviate conditions of bunions and metatarsalgia
- Soft gel is infused with 7 botanical oils and Aloe Vera which is naturally healing

All our high performance gel products are:
- Non toxic
- Dermatologically tested
- Hypoallergenic so suitable for sensitive skin
- Washable
- Anti-microbial to prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi
- Reusable

Unlike foam products they conform to the shape theyre in contact with helping to reduce pressure, pain and friction.

*Recommended and prescribed by Podiatrists.

Size details

- Pack of 1
- Available in Medium (fits shoe sizes 3 - 5) and Large (fits shoe sizes 6 - 12)
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