Extra Roomy Thermal Softhold Socks ET

  • Model: ET
Thermal insulation for cold feet. If you feel the chill around your feet and ankles these are the socks for you. Made from a high percentage of pure wool, they are thicker than other Softhold socks, this not only keeps the feet warm, but helps to cushion and protect them too.

- Knitted with heavier gauge wool for greater warmth
- Thicker leg part to keep ankles warm and cosy
- Particularly suitable for those who suffer with cold feet
- Cleverly designed Softhold top is knitted to ensure a comfortable fit without constriction
- Extra Roomy fitting is ideal for swollen feet and ankles

Fibre Content: 60% Wool, 39% Nylon, 1% Lycra

Helpful for Cold Feet and Poor Circulation
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€29.00 (Incl. VAT)