Cape Mohair Medi Lightweight Socks

  • Model: LMF
Ultra-comfy socks that are soft, stretchy, lightweight & durable. This lightweight version has all the amazing benefits of the original Medi sock but has a plain leg and finer cushioning underfoot. Itís ideal for warmer days and wonít take up room in your shoes so itís great for everyday wear. It also has an external seam at the toe so thereís nothing to rub or irritate sensitive feet. These socks resist foot odour and wicks away moisture, keeping feet fresh and dry. They are also blister-resistant for extra comfort. Naturally stretchy, they are a joy to wear if your feet are swollen or tender.
Small fits shoe sizes 4 to 7 Medium fits shoe sizes 8 to 11

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ēSmall is available in Grey, Pink and Teal.
ēMedium is available in Grey and Teal.
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€17.00 (Incl. VAT)